Geminiani Power Pack

Power Pack: the right solution for OEM's Custsomers Engines manufactured by Perkins

The SFERA project was put in place, leading to the development of "POWER PACK powered by Perkins Engines" and "Compact Power powered by Caterpillar", the most advanced silenced engine the market had ever known.

Power Pack powered by Perkins Engines and Compact Power by Caterpillar are developed by Geminiani for OEM customers.

An innovative product dedicated to OEM customers, who need a tireless engine, in line with the relevant regulations in terms of emissions, enabling you to save on consumption, and easy to install. This package, designed and packaged for a host of different applications, undergoes severe testing. An engine Ready to start. With a world-wide network: Geminiani technology is distributed across the world by several distributors.  Geminiani Technology is the right Partner for constructors and users in a wide range of sectors: Electrification systems - Heating Plants - Navigation - Motorised pumps for agricultural and industrial use - Agricultural machines - Industrial and Road Tractors - Industrial Presses - Cranes - Drills/ Augers - Cement Mixers - Overhead platforms - Stairs and airport equipment.

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