How does e-Geminiani work?

The reason why we can offer you new original spare parts at such a low price.

Geminiani has always bought engines from the best brands (Perkins, JCB, Landini to name a few) and assembles them, adapts them, configures them to provide the OEM customer with a turnkey product that exactly matches his needs.

To modify these engines, however, we often replace the original parts with custom parts. Considering the turnover of Geminiani and the quantity of customized products, the stock that contains these new and original pieces is very well supplied, but often too full.

This is the reason why you can find spare parts here that are:

  • New.
  • Original brand.
  • At an extremely low price.

We are so sure that our price is the lowest, that we offer you directly on our website the comparison of offers that you can find by browsing the internet. You can search as much as you want, you will not find a better price for the same spare part.

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Enter the product code of the spare part you are looking for in the search bar and select it using automatic guided completion.



Evaluate Geminiani's offer by using the automated Google searches that the system offers.
Compare prices with other sites and check if the product code is correct.



Buy your product and relax: the Geminiani service will provide you with fast shipping, guarantees and returns, and an efficient and humane customer support service.