About Geminiani

The reasons to choose a highly reliable partner for your business

GEMINIANI, now GEMINIANI SpA, was founded in 1958, but its roots go back even further to the fundamental experience gained by Domenico Geminiani, whose passion enabled him to see the future for the world of engines.



Geminiani is a family holding company controlling 100% of Geminiani Spa. Geminiani Spa is the trading company managing the business and effectively interfadng with suppliers and with the entire market area, providing the services required. The company has four plants, with a total working surface area of 8,000 m2.

Plant l: Parts and Product Support.

Accounting. Perkins spare parts store, Workshop for Perkins engines, New Technology Division, New training room and technical laborotory, Training Centre (the fìrst national training centre) set up to offer the technical skills required to work with the new generation of engines: ready to face the future.


Plant 2: Engines Division.

Power Pack fine production, Engines Sales Department, New Perkins engines store,

Production associated with OEM customer projects (such as engines for cooling units).


Plant 3: GE Global Engines Division.

Sale of JCB products and development of customisations.


Plant 4: Geminiani Hybrid System Division.

Reseorch, Development ond SMART Drive - University Spin-off with Roma Tre University.


The Parts and Product Support plant is located at the Geminiani SpA headquarters, and is where Geminiani snc sales and produc:tion were always based.

This is the administrative centre and the information and contacts centre. The nerve centre of the network is located in this building and this is where management meets to study, plan and develop business, production and marketing strategies.

lt is defìnitively the gateway to the Geminiani world.